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Show Gardens

Blenheim Palace Gardens

The Blenheim Palace Gardens can be located via the court yard and are quite simply stunning.


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Palace Garden: The Italian Garden

The Italian Garden is the Duke's private garden. Each year our Gardens Team meticulously trim each hedge to maintain its intricate design.

Palace Garden: The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden was created in the time of the 10th Duke but was restored under the auspices of the 11th Duke as part of the Battle of Blenheim tercentenary celebrations in 2004.

Palace Garden: The Pergola

The pergola in the Victorian Rose Garden creates fantastic views out over the Great Lake. The Rose Garden is best explored in early summer.

Palace Garden: The Arboretum

The Arboretum retains its beauty throughout the year and offers a tranquil space to walk or rest.

Palace Garden: The Upper Water Terrace

The Upper Water Terrace has been compared to the Parterre d'Eau at Versailles boasting fountains, statues and manicured hedges.

Palace Garden: The Churchill Memorial Garden

The Churchill Memorial Garden was opened in 2015 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill's death. It includes the Temple of Diana, where Churchill proposed to Clementine Hozier.

Palace Garden: The Lower Water Terrace

The Lower Water Terrace with the model of Bernini's river-god fountain.

Palace Garden: The Grand Cascades

The Grand Cascades were created by 'Capability' Brown as part of his 11-year project to re-landscape the Estate by damming the River Glyme to make the Great Lake.

Palace Garden: The Temple of Health

Tucked away behind the Secret Garden, the Temple of Health was built to celebrate the recovery of King Louis III from one of his many bouts of insanity.

Palace Garden: The Roundel

The Roundel was originally a statue, but was converted to a water feature in 2012. The benches here are perfect to rest and reflect.